What are the Top Three Golf Swing Tips for Beginners?

Your take away

Here is another area that many beginners make a major mistake on grasping the golf swing basics.

Oftentimes, new golfers pick the club up too fast; this gives you less arc and you lose power and speed. You will also have to “throw” the club head to try and get it back to square.

When you begin your take away keep the club head “low and away” this means keeping your club head as low to the ground as you can until your arms are extended as far away as possible. This will help you to generate power and keep your swing on the right plane.

Finish High

Your follow through is just as important. When you follow through you need to finish high. This means that your arms need to continue through until they finish above your head.

This will help you to generate more club head speed which means more distance with your clubs. It will also help you keep from decelerating on your swing which can lead to shanks and shots that will have very poor results.

Hopefully with these golf swing tips for beginners you will learn a few things that will help you to build a good solid, repeatable swing so you can enjoy the game of golf for years to come.

Chuck Summers has been playing golf since school and has collected many golf swing tips both from family and friends.

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