TOP DIY TO TRY:12 Genius Ways To Brighten Up Your Life With Solar Lights

Do you have some fading solar lights that need repurposing? Or maybe a ton left over after a wedding ceremony?

Fear not, we have lots of ways for you to use up all of those solar lights! Whether it’s outside in your garden, or inside as a creative nightlight, you’ll use them all up in no time.

There are plenty of ways to use solar lights during the holidays as well! You can give away all those extra lights with cute ornaments and gifts for the holidays.

DIY Garden Lighthouse


These are so adorable and really easy to make! Use a solar light for the spotlight at the top.

Click Here For The Full DIY Instruction

DIY Miniature Worlds


Bring these miniature gardens in mason jars to life at night with solar lights. These projects are quick, easy, and they look so adorable in the end!

Click Here For The Full DIY Instruction

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