Top DIY 15 Upcycled Planter Ideas

It’s a known fact that exposure to a bit of nature does wonders for the human spirit. Amongst many benefits, plants can lower our level of anxiety and also boost creativity. A great way to add a unique touch of green into your space is by using old items to house your plants. You’d be surprised at the number of household objects you might already have that could be used as an upcycled planter. Whether you have a little balcony, medium-sized courtyard, spacious backyard, or even no outdoor space at all, we’ve got some tips and tricks to get you upcycling!

Small Spaces and Apartments

1. Toilet Paper Roll Planter

Instead of throwing out all your toilet paper rolls, consider using them to grow some herbs. They are a fantastic way to get seedlings growing in your indoor space. These little seed starter tubes eliminate the need to go out and by expensive peat pots. The great thing about these is that you can pop them directly into a bigger pot or your garden bed when they need more room to grow. No need to remove them from the cardboard!

upcycled planter toilet roll

image source: Family Sponge

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