30 Fun and Creative Easter Crafts for Kids and Toddlers

Easter is an exciting holiday every year, and Easter crafts provide you with a great way to welcome in the spring season and celebrate new life.  I hope you enjoy these easy, affordable, and creative projects with your children!  Let us know your favorites in the comments below, and be sure to link out to your own projects with your kids!

Can you believe that springtime is just around the corner?  With springtime comes Easter—a celebration of baby chicks, fluffy little bunnies, and all the happiness of renewal as we head into the warmer months of the year.  This is a wonderful time to do some crafts with your kids!  Make Easter more fun than ever with these wonderful spring-themed projects, perfect for kids of all ages.

Beautiful, fun and edible Easter flower arrangement

Beautiful, fun and edible Easter flower arrangement

Okay, so not 100% edible, but most of it is!  There is a smaller bowl inside the larger one, with the tulips placed inside the smaller bowl.  There is water in the smaller bowl so that the tulips can thrive.  Around the smaller bowl are jelly beans, edible Easter grass, and peeps.  The finished result is very celebratory and just shouts springtime!  When the tulips die, you can simply replace them with new flowers, all without disturbing the candy arrangement.  I love the tulips for this because they are so beautiful and immediately make you think of spring and new beginnings, but any flowers would look great!

And of course, when you feel ready, you can take out the candy and eat it (don’t be surprised if your kids are constantly sneaking jelly beans out when you aren’t looking or if you suddenly find a mysterious gap between the peeps).

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craft-o-maniac

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