Creative DIY: 22 Extraordinary Ways To Upcycle Things You Would Normally Throw Away

You have a lot of things around your house. Now that it’s that spring cleaning time, you might be considering throwing all those things away!

Don’t do it quite yet! We have a great list of clever ways to use all of those things instead. Create art, planters, decor, and those little things everyone needs around the house with things you already have!

Each item is unique, and can be used and altered to your needs. Whether you’re desperate for a centerpiece, or the shirt you love is just a little too small, we have something for you here!

CD Bird Bath


This DIY project made from an old broken bird bath is simply breathtaking! The CD pieces look so majestic, and they change colors in the light.

Click Here For The Full DIY Instruction

CD Coasters


The work of a bird bath not really your thing? Try out these cute coasters instead.

Click Here For The Full DIY Instruction

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