Brilliant Outdoor Project: Build Your Own All-in-One Portable Kitchen and Barbecue

So it’s a beautiful day outside and you’ve decided to have a good ol’ BBQ to soak up the rays and fill up that belly. Does it ever annoy you when you have to constantly shuffle from outside to inside to outside just to wash your hands of that deliciously sticky marinade?

Or when the ribs are done and you have to go inside to chop them up? Or when the hot dogs or burger patties are nearly done but you still have to slice open the buns and chop up the onions and tomatoes?

Well I’ve found what I believe to be the ultimate DIY, all-inclusive portable barbecue set with a built-in grill, sink and cutting board.

The actual instructions for this beauty aren’t ‘follow every word I say step by step’; they serve as more of an inspiration, which is what I actually prefer. Instead of simply replicating this guy’s masterpiece, you get the freedom to size it and tweak it a bit to better suit your specific preferences, style and workmanship abilities.

For example, I’d definitely add in some sort of slide-out cooler or something to keep the drinks ice cold. And maybe even a mini cutlery drawer so that I can literally spend all day outside.

Time to get to work! Free plans and detailed instructions on Instructables – The perfect barbeque.

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