8 Crucial Things Runners Over 50 Do To Stay Pain-Free​

While 50 might be the new 40, there’s no denying that as we get older, our bodies change. What you were able to do just a few years ago may now leave your muscles feeling extra sore, and that’s understandable. But just because your 10K training run leaves you super achy (and perhaps unable to do your easy three-mile shake out run the following day), don’t give up. We asked real women runners 50 and over to share their secrets to avoiding agony.

Pay Attention To Your Pain

strength train

“Nothing good has ever come from training through pain! If running is causing any sort of pain, I always opt to do non-impact cardio until the pain has completely subsided. But my favorite preventative strategy involves strength training: I have had the same lifting partner for over 25 years. Even through we are both in our 50s, we can lift almost as much as we did over 30 years ago. Training consistently—at least two days per week—and having a partner who helps keep me accountable has been a tremendous help.”
—Carla Criste, 53, Annapolis, MD, assistant director of athletics and head women’s track and field coach at the United States Naval Academy who’s been running since age 13

There are plenty of reasons you should sign up for your first 5K walk or run. Here’s how to get started:

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