7 Surefire Wildlife Photography Tips

Watch out for mirage

As crazy as it may seem wide open vastness that are interspersed with water bodies and grasslands are ideal conditions for mirage. These happen more during the summer, but don’t count on it to not happen at other times of the year. If you are aware of the general idea you know what it’s going to do to your images. This is another reason why I hate the idea of shooting wildlife with a tele-lens during the middle of the day and prefer the early morning.

Carry supplies

Of course you need extra batteries, memory cards and the rest of the tools. Don’t forget to carry a flashlight, some emergency medications and at least two bottles of water. Dehydration is a photographer’s worst nightmare. Take protection for your head as well. I remember having ventured into a leech infested forest (unknowingly) in search of a local bird and upon my return found blood dripping out of my left foot. The leech must have had its fill and dropped off. It was a difficult thing trying to stop a wound without proper medications. Lucky for me my guide who knew the local medicinal plants squashed some leaves and applied the pulp to the wound. The bleeding stopped immediately.

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