7 Proven Chipping Drills And Tips To Get Up-And-Down

2. The Hula Hoop Chipping Drill

hula hoop chipping drill

This is a great chipping & pitching drill that you can do at the practice range, a local park, or in your front yard.

If you can consistently get your chips within a hula hoop distance of the hole, chances are you’ll get up-and-down a lot.

If not, make sure to check out these putting drills (because you should be able to make a 3-footer) 🙂


1. Get a hula hoop (or make a similar sized circle with string)

2. Set golf balls in 5-yard interval from the hoop. 8 balls from 5-40 yards.

3. Start with the ball closest to the hoop, chip it, and have it land within the hoop.

4. For each successful chip move to the next ball further from the hoop.  If you miss one restart from the beginning.

This chipping drill challenges you to utilize multiple different types of chip shots.  See how far away from the hoop you can get before having to restart.  It’s a great way to track your progress and put some pressure on yourself when you’re trying to clear any of the stages for the first time.

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