7 Proven Chipping Drills And Tips To Get Up-And-Down

A new driver won’t make you a better golfer… these proven chipping drills will.

If you want to shoot lower scores, stop trying to hit longer drives and start working on your chipping.

Do you want to know the difference between you and a scratch golfer?

They get up-and-down when they miss the green.

Do you?

Phenomenal chipping will save you strokes around the green,  give you more tap in pars, and let you play the “stress-free golf” you always hear the pros talk about but never get to experience.

Imagine what it’s going to be like walking up to your ball KNOWING that you’re going to get up-and-down (or at least give yourself a great chance to).

No more stubbing or sculling…

just crisp contact and better chip shots.

Practice these chipping drills to get up-and-down more often and start shooting better scores.

1. The “Y” or Triangle Chipping Drill

Triangle Chipping Drill

As much of a chipping tip as it is a drill, this tip single handily improved my chipping the very next day.

The concept is simple, when you’re practicing your chipping focus on creating a lower case y shape with your arms and the shaft of the club (if you were looking at yourself straight on).

Put about 60-70% of your weight on your front foot and hold this shape throughout your swing, letting your upper body do the work.

Your upper body should do all the swinging of the club while your arms and wrists stay quiet.

This will ensure that you are creating a downward blow on the ball, letting the club do the work of getting it into the air.

It’s a simple chipping tip that will make sculling the ball over the back of the green a thing of the past.

This drill is great for short chips around the green and will typically produce a lower, more controlled, chip shot.

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