6 Golf Tips Every Beginner Should Know

If you’ve just started playing golf and want to improve your skills, then look no further because we’ve dusted off our sports archive to bring you these handy beginner golf tips. Cue the jazzy music…


The most important thing about driving the golf ball is that the swing is exactly the same as the normal golf swing except for few keys and top changes.

Step 1. Make sure that when you tap the ball, half the golf ball is above the top of the club.

Step 2. Make sure that the ball is positioned in line with the left heel and to do this, all you do is place your feet together, make sure the ball is in between the feet and then take a step to the right.

Step 3. Tilt the body away from the target.

Step 4. In the back swing, make sure you transfer 75% to 80% of your weight to the right hand side.

Step 5. Make the swing itself, ensuring you give a nice steady rhythm throughout and that the hit stays nice and still throughout the shot.


To chip a golf ball, you need anything from a sixteen degree wedge to a nine-nine depending on how high you want to hit the shot.

Step 1. Position the ball correctly; the ball should be opposite the left heel. The start should be relatively narrow and the club face should be facing towards the target and the foot lay square to the target.

Step 2. Break the wrists immediately in the back swing.

Step 3. Accelerate the hands into impact making sure the hand is leaving the club head the whole time.

Step 4. Finish with the arm and the club in a nice straight line. At no point should the club pass the hands.

Step 5. Overall, take the club back about 25% and then swing through about 75%. You need to be accelerating aggressively into the ball and taking it back just a short amount allowing to do this.

Step 6. Ensure the club hits the ball just before the ground.

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