There are plenty of golf hacks out there, and I’m not just talking about your playing partners.

Hacks are the product of lateral thinking for common problems that can save you money or time. With the numerous expenses associated with golfing, we could all use a few tricks that will save us a few bucks or relieve us from unitaskers taking up space in our golf bags and closets.

Here are some simple ideas for repurposing household items for your golf game:

Push Cart Wheel Cover

If you use a push cart, you’re probably tired of all the grass and dirt in the trunk of your car. Brushing off all the grass seems to take hours, and if you’re in a hurry to get home after your round then forget about it.

After a couple weeks with my Clicgear 3.5+, I ordered the wheel cover online.  The design was simple but flawed. The elastic, which was stitched to the cover, had to be stretched over and over, and the design of the cover required the cart to balance on the front wheel to keep the grass contained (spoiler: it didn’t).

When the stitching finally gave out after a few weeks, I happened to spot an old IKEA bag sitting in my storage closet. If you know anything about these bags, they are about 19 gallons and made from tarp-like material with thick stitching. As luck would have it, it’s the perfect size for my push cart!

If you don’t have an IKEA near you or know anyone willing to part with their old bag, you can order one online (now available in different colors other than bright blue). At about $2, you couldn’t find a better cart bag if you tried making it yourself.  Now you have a clean trunk and a carry bag!

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