18 Easy & Stunning DIY Dollar Store Crafts You Have To Do!

Why does crafting have to be so expensive? If you’re like many other Pinterest-scouring crafters, you’ve probably run into crafts that insist that you’ll have everything already in your home, only to end up needing to make a $50 run to Michael’s for supplies in the middle.

We’ve rounded up 18 fantastic crafts that you can buy supplies for at your local dollar store. These crafts are easy and inexpensive, but best of all, they look great! Who knew that repurposing cheap dollar store items could have such stunning results?


DIY Embellished Mug

Liven up those cheap white dollar store mugs with metallic sharpie, and then bake them in the oven to set your design.


DIY Pantry Makeover

These types of containers retail at about $20 apiece, but you can fill your pantry with them for about the same amount of cash when you decorate dollar store finds.

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