15 Creatively Genius DIY Wood Walls

Sometimes adding just a little something to a room can completely change how it looks. If you’ve wondered about redecorating and want something that makes a big statement but you don’t want to spend a big chunk of your paycheck, we have just the collection for you.

These 15 themed wood walls are not only easy to DIY, they’re relatively cheap. In fact, some of them may not cost you anything at all. How’s that for frugal?
You can create such stunning looks with all of these and completely change how your bedroom, dining room, living room, or other room looks.
Whether you want to give your home a bit of rustic charm, have a wall that’s in desperate need of a paint job, or you just want something different for your home décor, these walls are the perfect solution. Grab a few pallets or wood leftover from those other projects and let’s get to DIYing some beautiful walls for your home.

Pallet Living Room Wall

This pallet wall is not only beautiful, it’s really cheap. In fact, if you have a few pallets or know where you can get them for free, you can literally create this look for nothing. You’ll need quite a few pallets to get enough to cover your wall, depending of course on the size of said wall. Even if your wall is in great shape, just think about how much better your living room would look if you did this. It’s an easy project and one that you can finish in way less than a weekend and it’s just absolutely gorgeous. It’s got that great rustic look and would look perfect in any home and with any décor.

Detailed DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Momandherdrill
Pallet Living Room Wall

Rustic Bedroom Wall

Ok, so using pallets is the perfect way to get a completely new bedroom on the cheap. Really. There are some places that literally give pallets away. Of course, you’ll need to take them apart before you add them to your bedroom wall, but that’s really easy. In fact, this entire wall can be created in just a few hours and imagine how much better you’ll sleep at night when you have this amazing wall behind you. It’s unique and completely rustic, which adds charm to your room and when it costs very little (or nothing at all), why that’s the very best type of DIY in our book.

Detailed DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Justagirlblog

Rustic Bedroom Wall

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