12 DIY Ideas to Repurpose Old Garden Tools

Maybe you are into the gardening for a long long time! If yes, then you must be having a lot of experience to work the garden tools that become old from time to time! So, if you have been storing the old garden tools in the garden shed and now having a big pile of that is creating problems by taking a lot of space then time to consider some options and projects to reuse them again! The long living wooden parts, handles and the rusty metallic pieces of the old garden tools can’t just be thrown to dumpsters as just a waste but they can be though in a number of different ways to make new things and stuff for your garden or home!

So, if you are really on a journey to declutter your shed by upcycling the old garden tools then you must take a short tour of these DIY  Ideas to Repurpose Old Garden Tools that will help keep using your garden tool in different ways and for different purposes! All these garden tool hacks will really win the heart of a garden lover as they are all about boosting the decors and performance of your home!

Add the old rakes vertically on a custom wood base and make precious photo holders for your accent and entryway tables! Get also crafty with the garden shovels and forks and craft adorable sitting furniture for your garden, get inspired by the given sitting chair and table set made of reclaimed garden tools! Repurpose also the garden tools and pallet wood to make stylishly beautiful and rustic wall clocks that will a be a big delight to view! Go also handmade with the fence pickets and with the old garden rake to make fetching looking garden planter boxes that will a big delight to view also! Coil the garden house and finish with a faux flower bouquet mounted to one side to make an adorable front door wreath, have a look at the given sample that is just looking damn beautiful!

Another innovative project you can do with the old garden tools is to make a wind-mill, just get inspired by the given snow shovel windmill that is really a creative achievement! Fix also the garden shovels and forks in the garden ground and install lovely garden trellises without getting a bit expensive and paste also the hand fork or rakes on custom reclaimed wooden boards to make outstanding wall hooks! Spruce up your modern interiors with repurpose garden tool lights and decors also, an insanely creative example here the shovels wall lamp that is really looking beautiful!

Next, also mount the birdhouses on the garden shovels fixed vertically in the garden ground and boost your garden decors! The ideas for reusing garden tools can just be endless and all you need to think like a genius to get craft with them for more! Click the pasted links to grab the full instructions and visual tutorials for you free!

DIY Rusty Rake Picture Holder:

Reclaim the garden tools to make outstanding things for home use and also for booting home decors! You will be amazed to see this fantastic picture holder that is rustic but is having a damn precious look! This picture holder is made of a rusty rake that has been recycled and has been given a new flat base that also comes with a vinyl label and is looking damn beautiful! Next you can start displaying your favorite photos on it beautifully! A brilliant and great picture made or repurposed garden tools! Complete project details here mysalvagedtreasures

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